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the wounds we carry. the healing that comes.


Art has always been a medium to unpack the human experience.

Winslow tells these stories from a place of reverie and contemplation.

The personal and political meet in an artist whose multi-faceted approach to art is an auto-biographical exploration into stories that need to be told.



01. unlearning


We love like men do,


Leaving wounds hidden in each other 

as secrets for other men to uncover and to heal.

02. the wound


feat Garth Erasmus


Come and find me in my dreams

So that my flesh can feel it belongs again

Speak my name into the wind

And pray it finds me here waiting

03. the want


You are the cloud. 

The sky. 

The fear. 

This loneliness.

04. the need


feat Garth Erasmus

I like them tall and strong

With a voice so deep my body reacts when he speaks

Loyal and obedient

Trustworthy with a touch of deviant

05. the prayer


In the name of the Father

I kneel before this alter

I take this sacrament to my lips

Placing it softly on my tongue

As I forsake everything I am

Just so that I can be seen as a man

06. the answer


feat Monthati Masebe


We got caught in the rain

There’s no escaping it

It washed away all our pain

There’s no more use for it


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